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OO Ultra-Low Relief Motorcycle Garage

We offer our ultra low relief model of "The New Milton Motorcycle Depot". It is loosely based on a real post WW1 business as seen in picture 2.


The model is approx. 230 mm x 60 mm x 6 mm, and features a multi layered construction of 3mm grey board base, interior detail layer, glazing layer, exterior detail layer and then 3mm signage layer.  


Each model is built to order and will feature ad hoc distressing/weathering so no two will ever be the same. As an example, the white paint spill to the model in the pictures above will not appear on any model we send out, that was specifically for our office layout


The printed elements of the model are laser printed making the model to resistant to accidental contact with water and PVA - just don't wash it in the bath please!


P&P is included in the prices shown for all UK addresses.  For our overseas clients, we will contact you with the postage options and costs available to you once you have placed your order